Why is the story called "The Way Up to Heaven"? What is the relationship between the title and the story?

The story is called "The Way Up to Heaven" because Mrs. Foster's path to heaven on earth comes from killing her husband by leaving him trapped in an elevator heading up in their six-story New York home. Her husband is a sadistic man, and she feels free with him gone.

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The title of the story indicates that Mrs. Foster's way to heaven on earth is to kill her husband (send him to heaven) by leaving him trapped between floors going upstairs in their New York home's elevator.

The elderly Mr. Foster has for years sadistically tormented his equally elderly wife. She experiences anxiety at the idea of being late for events. Knowing this, he always manages to arrange affairs so that she is running late. He delays her in passive aggressive ways, and she is afraid to challenge him.

We see how he enjoys tormenting her about possibly missing a flight to Paris, where she is going to spend six weeks visiting her grandchildren. When the flight is delayed due to fog, she wishes to spend a night in a hotel, but he insists she come home. The next morning, he does everything he can to ensure she is late once again.

When she returns to the house briefly before the trip, she realizes he is trapped between floors on their elevator. Instead of saving him, she goes on her...

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