Rabbit Hole Questions and Answers
by David Lindsay-Abaire

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Why is the play called Rabbit Hole?

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Grief, especially that into which one is subsumed as the result of a sudden, tragic development, is unsettling, to say the least. When that grief is the result of the loss of one’s four-year-old child in a sudden tragic accident, those grieving the child’s loss, especially the parents, are instantaneously yanked out of the stable existence they have known and thrust unwillingly into the unknown. In David Lindsay-Abaire’s tragicomic play Rabbit Hole, the main characters, Howie and Becca, are mourning the loss of Danny, their young child who was suddenly killed by a teenage driver. It is every parent’s nightmare.

Early in Lewis Carroll’s famous story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the main protagonist , a young bored girl, suddenly enters a disorienting, inexplicable world. Alice observes a white rabbit rush by and disappear...

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