Why is the march time in All American Boys significant?

The march time is significant because it corresponds approximately to the time that Rashad was arrested. The march is taking place in protest at what Rashad's friends, family, and classmates see as his unfair treatment by the police.

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In a classic example of racial injustice, Rashad has been arrested even though he was the victim of a brutal assault by a police officer outside a convenience store. According to the police, Rashad has been arrested for petty theft, resisting arrest, and public nuisance.

But Rashad's friend Quinn knows what he saw that day. He saw his family friend, a police officer called Paul Galluzzo, beating up Rashad for no good reason. Because of this, he's decided to participate in a protest march that will be joined by Rashad's other friends, his classmates, and his family.

The march is scheduled to start on the West Side before winding its way through town to City Hall and Police Plaza 1. It is due to get underway at five-thirty in the evening, which is roughly around the same time that Rashad was arrested for his alleged crimes.

Though the march should attract a large, enthusiastic crowd, it's by no means certain if Rashad himself will be there. As the big day approaches, it's not even clear that the march will take place. Some are concerned that the authorities will try to stop the march altogether. At the very least, there is a lot of talk that they will cordon off the sidewalks.

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