Why is the jacket so important to the story "On the Sidewalk Bleeding"?

In "On the Sidewalk Bleeding," the jacket is important to the story because it shows Andy's membership of the Royals. It was this jacket that got him killed by a rival gang, the Guardians, and that defines his identity for those who see him dying and the cop who finds him dead.

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In "On the Sidewalk Bleeding," Evan Hunter describes the jacket before he gives any details about the boy except his age. Even his name, Andy, is revealed only through the lettering on the front of the jacket, which is bright purple and has "The Royals" written across the back.

The jacket Andy is wearing symbolizes membership, partisanship, and conformity. First and foremost, Andy is a member of the Royals. When Freddie and Laura see Andy lying on the...

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