Why is Romeo and Juliet considered an all-time favorite love story? What makes it so famous? 

Romeo and Juliet is an all-time favorite love story because it deals with universal themes. Most people know what it's like to be head over heels in love with someone, and forbidden love is a common experience, particularly among young adults. Romeo and Juliet is famous because, rather than in spite of, its sad ending. It's this tragic aspect of the eponymous characters' love that makes it such a powerful story.

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As with all great drama, indeed as with all great works of art, Romeo and Juliet deals with universal themes. This is why people are still writing about the play, talking about it, and watching productions of it several centuries after it was first written and performed. Love itself is universal, something that has always existed and always will so long as there are human beings on this earth with beating hearts and emotions.

But the course of true love never did run smooth, as Shakespeare himself wrote in A Midsummer Night's Dream. And as love is a universal theme, so too is forbidden love. Romeo and Juliet belong to powerful, warring families who've been involved in a long and bitter feud since time immemorial. They are not allowed to meet, let alone get married. In those days, marriages between aristocratic families were arranged. Love didn't enter into the equation at all; such marriages were strategic political alliances, nothing more.

Despite these restrictions, the two young love-birds are able to transcend the stifling conventions of their time. This is a very powerful theme, and it's one to which successive generations of young adults can readily identify.

Many young people are forbidden from spending time with those whom they love. It's often the case that they're told by their friends and family that the objects of their affection aren't good enough for them and that they should find someone else. That's pretty much the situation that Romeo and Juliet find themselves in and it's one which most people can understand, even if they've never had the same experience themselves.

The sad ending of Romeo and Juliet is famous because it shows that true love really can conquer all. Though both the young lovers die in tragic circumstances, their love does not. Their love will live on for all eternity.

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I would say that one reason it is famous is definitely BECAUSE OF the sad ending.  People love tragedy, and the idea of two people so young and so in love dying after one night together grabs attention.  Another reason is that popularity is a self-perpetuating thing, and people love it because people love it. 

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Part of the fame of Romeo and Juliet comes from the fact that so many other love stories are based on this one.  It is called the greatest love story of all time because it was one of the first stories of this nature.  I think the sad ending helps the story and proves the point.  If Juliet had run off to Mantua with Romeo, the story would be far more forgettable.  Since both Romeo and Juliet go to such extremes to be together, we cannot forget them and their tragic loss. 

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Romeo and Juliet though written centuries ago still appeals to us with its relatable interpretation of tragic love. Love is something that will always exist in people's lives so the story is easy to relate to. Shakespeare didn't focus on the fairy tale ending of the story but rather the tragedy of love where enormous sacrifices were to be made although still no love was achieved in the end. The tragic ending leaves many in sympathy and evoked pathos which triggers more emotions from the readers than the usual, light and fairy tale-like stories.

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I think the sad ending is actually a plus. There's something about a well-drawn tragedy that appeals to people.

I would attribute the lasting popularity of the play to Shakespeare's skill as a dramatist. I think the plot itself is too far-fetched to stand on its own. If just about anybody else had written it, Romeo and Juliet probably would have faded from memory long ago.

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Romeo and Juliet remains a favorite love story because it appeals to many of our romantic sensibilities. The forbidden love. The pureness of first love. Love at first sight. The intensity of passion in youth. 

We can relate to and enjoy the story of a love that seems meant to be, but is being forbidden by "the man", so to speak. We each know what it feels like to know/feel we are right, but be told no by those in authority. Because of that we read Romeo and Juliet and feel their pain and root for the young lovers.

Additionally I think its sad ending adds to rather than detracts from its appeal to readers. Most of us will never have the opportunity (good or bad) to die for someone or something that we love. Readers love the extremity of it. Our basic ideas of romance are upheld by the deaths. In many ways many people wish that they loved so strongly that they would LITERALLY die for it. It isn't happening in real life and most people would actually shy away from doing it, so Romeo and Juliet's exteme actions and passion, and sad consequences appeal to a part of us that we like to believe in, but don't really want to live out.

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