Why is management so important? What is its purpose? Can anyone be a good manager?

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Management is important to any business, cultural, political, or social organization because it provides direction, purpose, focus, and cohesiveness. Managers help organizations achieve their goals by defining objectives, allocating resources, and encouraging disparate individuals to work together as teams. Effective management reduces waste by using human and material resources effectively. Resource optimization leads to reductions in cost, creating greater profits for businesses and greater efficiency in meeting the short- and long-term goals of organizations of any type.

The presence of management establishes stronger organizational structure and clearer designations of responsibility and authority. Work is carried out more efficiently when it is obvious who the leaders are and who are subordinates. This allows organizations to remain stable and thrive even in changing environments and circumstances. Without good management, organizations are bound to run less smoothly and are much less likely to achieve success.

Managers also function as spokespersons of organizations. They are generally the faces of organizations that the public and the media see. They are the ones that must step in during internal disputes, and they are also the ones that must offer guidance in times of crisis.

Not many people have the skills necessary to make good managers. First of all, they must have strong work ethics that can inspire others by example. They need to have good communication skills so that everyone in the organization knows what is required of them. They need to be able to keep everyone focused on the goals of the organization. They need to be positive, inspirational, supportive, and encouraging. They need to be adept at conflict resolution and be able to keep their head and lead effectively even in emergency situations. In short, not everyone can be a good manager; effective management is achieved through training and experience.

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