Why is Julia against the Party and Big Brother?

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Julia has an "open jeering hatred" for the Party when she talks to Winston about it. To look at, she appears to be the sort of girl who would epitomize the athletic ideals of the Party and the Junior Anti-Sex League, to which she ostensibly belongs. Julia notes that she never "shirks" anything and indeed always "yell[s] with the crowd," as this is the only way to be safe from persecution—she is lucky in that she is able to hide in plain sight, because her physique and her youth give the impression that she is the sort of person the Party would support and who would support the Party.

In reality, however, Julia is violently against the Party and everything it stands for. She hates the Party and its moral crusade, and she rebels against it by indulging herself in the ways she prefers and which she knows the Party would condemn. For example, specifically, she is a highly sexual person who enjoys sleeping with men, something the Party is against. She hates the Party because it attacks...

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