Why is it so important to Rosaura that she be allowed to go to the party in "The Stolen Party"?

In "The Stolen Party," it's important for Rosaura to be allowed to go to the party because Luciana told her that it will be the most lovely party in the world. Rosaura also loves Luciana's big house and the people who live there.

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Rosaura is so looking forward to attending her friend Luciana's birthday party. Luciana has told her that it will be the most lovely party in the world, and Rosaura can well believe it, as she loves her friend's big house and the people who live there.

But Rosaura's mother is not quite so enthusiastic. She tells her daughter that Luciana is not her friend and that Rosaura is nothing but "the maid's daughter" to Luciana's family.

Rosaura's mother cleans Luciana's house while Rosaura and Luciana do their homework. The two girls also take tea in the kitchen and tell each other secrets. One can understand, then, why Rosaura is so convinced that she's going to have a great time at Luciana's forthcoming party. It would appear that she's established quite a bond with her rich friend.

But at the same time, one can also understand where Rosaura's mother's coming from. As the lady who cleans Luciana's house, she knows all too well what rich people are really like and how they treat those further down the social ladder. Sadly, her instincts prove to be correct, and poor Rosaura, unique among all the guests at the birthday party, is given money by Luciana's mother instead of a gift.

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