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A Midsummer Night's Dream

by William Shakespeare

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Why is it relevant that the seasons are in turmoil while Titania and Oberon are fighting? And why is the setting relevant to the problem?

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Oberon and Titania also represent the magic and mystery tied to nature. They are the manipulators of wonder within the natural world; so, if they are upset, the world and nature responds likewise and is manifest through the storms. This is a pagan idea not connected to Christianity and provides mystery throughout the play as to who this couple is and how much power they really have on nature. Once the two human couples enter Titania and Oberon's domain, we are able to see the affect they can have on those who enter.

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The seasons are a metaphor for the stormy relationship between Titania and Oberon.  The fighting is causing problems for everyone, not just them.  The setting is also significant because the wedding is at the new moon, so they are on a time constraint.

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