Why is it necessary to observe quality standards in an enterprise?

It is necessary to observe quality standards in an enterprise because doing so ascertains safety and improves customer satisfaction.

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Quality standards represent the requirements and characteristics specific products and services must have before they can be distributed or offered to customers. There are various reasons why these standards must be observed.

First, quality standards ensure safety. Note that in the business world, safety can refer to an individual's health and well-being as well as a digital platform's level of security. There have been cases where certain edible products, such as food items and oral medications, did not meet established quality standards; the people who ingested them became very sick, and some even developed life-threatening illnesses. There have also been situations where software systems were launched prematurely (i.e., before it was ascertained that they achieved minimum security standards), and the pieces of data those systems collected and stored were illegally accessed and stolen.

Second, quality standards enhance customer satisfaction. A multitude of enterprises utilize customer survey information to improve old standards and generate new ones. For example, if customer feedback indicated that a certain food brand's products were not as fresh as desired, the brand would likely alter its quality management practices to better the freshness of its products. Customer satisfaction is crucial because it increases customer retention and encourages brand loyalty.

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