Why is it ironic that the Hadleys live in a development called Happylife homes?

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It is ironic that the Hadleys live in something called a "Happy" life home because the home has made them miserable. Their house might be more accurately named Miserylife. The Hadleys believed that the expensive, state-of-the-art dwelling with every convenience would bring them happiness, as advertised, but instead, it has torn their family apart. The two children, Wendy and Peter, have become spoiled and alienated, preferring to spend their time in front of giant viewscreens watching violent scenes of an African veldt rather than with their parents. Mrs.Hadley feels useless because the house does everything for her. Both parents want their children back. But by the time the parents realize they need to permanently shut off the viewscreens and rebuild their family life on a more solid foundation, it is too late: the children turn on the parents and lock them in the nursery to be devoured by lions. It doesn't get much more unhappy--or less alive--than that.  

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