Why is Freak really interested in the knights?

Freak is really interested in the knights because he loves the idea of going on quests and helping damsels in distress.

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In chapter 4, Kevin explains to Max a great deal about King Arthur, Arthur's knights, and the Round Table. Max doesn't know much about the legendary king, so Kevin takes it upon himself to briefly educate Max, and Max lets readers know that Kevin is extremely passionate about King Arthur's legend. Kevin explains how Arthur obtained Excalibur and came to power. Kevin then explains about the knights and how they go on quests. It is the questing that Kevin especially gravitates toward. The notion of going off on some adventure, facing dangerous adversaries, and rescuing people in need fascinates Kevin, and that is why he likes the Arthurian legend. Arthur and his knights did what Kevin longs to do.

Kevin's love of quests and vivid imagination help Max as well. Max is an incredibly closed off person, but Kevin is able to get Max to enjoy being a kid. Together, the two of them go on wonderfully imaginative adventures. They also have great actual adventures. Returning Loretta Lee's purse is a good example. Kevin believes that they are helping to return a purse and wallet to a damsel in distress. Unfortunately, their actions bring a lot more trouble down on them than hoped, but Kevin and Max are able to complete the quest just like Arthur's knights would have been able to do.

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