Why is evaluating training an important part of strategic training?

Evaluating training is an important part of strategic training because it allows the programs to be better adapted to serve the employees and the company's mission.

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Anything of importance should be evaluated as a matter of general principle. In a business or similar environment, some assets and services will be evaluated on an informal basis until or unless it is evident that they are not performing efficiently. In the case of strategic training, however, formal and structured evaluation will almost always be necessary for a number of reasons.

First, strategic training is integral to ensuring that employees are able to perform the tasks for which they were hired. This is a function vital enough to require regular formal appraisal. Second, strategic training is an ongoing function which needs to be replicated and performed regularly for the benefit of different employees. Unless you have some consistent method of evaluation, you will have no data with which to ensure that standards of training are maintained and improved.

Unevaluated training programs are often regarded as a day off work, a waste of time, and an opportunity for procrastination....

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