The Upstairs Room by Johanna Reiss

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Why is Dientje nervous about Miss Kleinhoonte's visit in The Upstairs Room?

Dientje is nervous about Miss Kleinhoonte's visit in The Upstairs Room because Dientje, a farmer's wife, is not accustomed to having intelligent, educated people such as Miss Kleinhoonte in her home.

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The high school teacher Miss Kleinhoonte is coming to pay the Oostervelds a visit. In order not to raise the Germans' suspicions, she's going to travel all the way from Winterswijk on a bicycle.

Dietje Oosterveld, the woman of the house, appears somewhat flustered by the news. She's described as having a blotchy face as she tries to make sense of it all. Dientje isn't used to having such "fancy"...

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