Why is Cassie picking out a dress in The Road to Memphis?

Cassie is picking out a dress to wear for church on Sunday. However, her mother thinks that she wants to dress to impress Moe. Although Cassie claims that she and Moe are just good friends, Mama's not so sure.

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Cassie opens up her chifforobe and takes out her two favorite summer dresses: one blue, the other red. She plans to wear one for church on Sunday. But it's by no means easy to decide precisely which one she's going to wear.

At first, though, it seems like Cassie is going to pick the blue dress, even though she has a natural preference for red. She likes the way it looks against her, especially in combination with her hair done up. Mama's pretty happy with the combination too; she's always favored the blue dress.

As we've seen, Cassie is picking out a dress for church on Sunday. But Mama thinks that perhaps Cassie is dressing to impress; that she's choosing a dress that will make her appear more attractive to Moe.

But Cassie is having none of it. She protests that she's not interested in Moe; she's not dressing for him. Moe may like to tease Cassie about courting, but Cassie knows that teasing is all it is; he's not being serious at all. The two are just good friends, nothing more.

And besides, as Cassie points out to Mama, courting almost always leads to marriage, and though she wants to be married one day, Cassie is not ready to take the plunge just yet.

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