Why is Apple's technology so slow? For example, no iPhones have an under display fingerprint sensor, yet androids do.

Apple technology is not actually slow, but it may seem that way to some because the company focuses more on good marketing, practicality, and maximizing consumer satisfaction. Apple was actually one of the companies that popularized the in-display fingerprint sensor. However, it decided to take a different path and focused on the development of Face ID instead.

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Apple Inc. is an American tech company that produces and sells electronic devices and computer software; it was founded on April 1, 1976, by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne under the name Apple Computer Company. In the years since its establishment, the company has had its ups and downs, but today, it is one of the most valuable and popular companies in the US and the world in general, according to many sources.

The "Apple vs. Android" debate has been present ever since Apple introduced the iOS as an operating system. Those who prefer Android often point out the lack of technological innovation and inventiveness of Apple, as well as their alleged unethical practices and the overpriced products; those who prefer Android argue that Android, or Google as a company, focuses more on research and development and that Apple has never actually invented anything, basing the designs it rushes to patent on previous technological inventions. In the end, what's more appealing to the costumer depends on personal preference.

Contrary to the opinions and arguments made by those who prefer Android, Apple isn't actually slow and adapts just fine to the consumer electronics market, if not better than many other companies.

While it is true that Apple primarily focuses on reinvention rather than invention and good marketing and advertising, it's also notable to mention the fact that it produces devices that are usually faster and smoother than many devices that run on Android and other operating systems (specifically those that are cheaper), as well as products that are more secure than most Android devices and have a simpler operating system that is easier to manage. Apple has essentially reinvented the computer and the TV and popularized smartphone technology, effectively introducing mobile computing globally; these are the greatest strengths of Apple as a company—reinvention and popularization.

Thus, the claim that Apple's technology is slow only has a modicum of truth to it. It can even be argued that Apple's main goal isn't to make their goods and services more advanced or to impress their consumers with new technologies and inventions, but rather to track all of the new technological advancements on the market and instantly implement them within their own products. Apple is commonly regarded as one of the most technologically advanced companies not because of its designs but because of its tendency to acquire and merge with companies that predominantly focus on advancing technology.

Interestingly enough, Apple was among the bigger companies that made the in-display fingerprint sensor popular (Touch ID on the iPhone 5s). However, the company targeted its resources towards the development of Face ID—a type of facial recognition technology used as a method of biometric identification. The existence of Face ID is the main reason why iPhones don't have an in-display fingerprint sensor. It is rumored that the Apple's iPhone 13 might have an optical in-display fingerprint sensor alongside Face ID.

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