Why is it important that work groups develop plans to assist them in their work?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The basic construction of a work group or a team is that different talents that can be merged into a completion of a product.  The notion of  a team being effective comes from the idea that "jobs are increasingly a patchwork of responsibility fitting into an overall mosaic."  The conception of a team as a "mosaic" necessitates a plan in order to assist successful process of work completion.  Work groups are fused from individuals with different talents and this divergence is a strength if it can be harnessed.  The plans that are developed help to harness such divergence into a convergent goal for the team's success.  

Research helps to support this.  As "team development is the process of unifying a group of people with a common objective into an effectively functioning unit," this is seen as best accomplished with a sense of coordination that "includes defining, analyzing, planning, acting, and evaluating."  It is here in which plans become essential as they help to assist in the completion of work products.  Team improvement and productivity are accomplished through "planning for improvements, implementing actions, evaluation, and follow-up."  In this, one sees where the development of plans to assist teams in the completion of their work is important for success.