Why is it important to understand given assignments for school?

Expert Answers
Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Understanding the given assignments for school is crucial for academic success.  When approaching any given assignment for a class, a student should consider two major factors of the assignment: 1)when is it due, 2) objective of the assignment.

The more information a student can gather on any assignment, the better chance he or she has to complete it to the satisfaction of the teacher for the best possible grade.  The student wants to understand the objective of the assignment and the purpose behind it, so he or she can be sure to master the skills, vocabulary, or knowledge from the lesson. 

Here are some additional pieces of information that would prove helpful in completing any assignment:

  • Rubric or grading outline for finished assignment
  • Previous examples of student work that could be a guide
  • Format specifications--length of completed work, typed or hand-written, electronic submission?

The best action you can take as a student if you do not understand an assignment is to make a point to visit the teacher or professor during his or her office hours and for clarification; this strategy will help you get a better grasp on the teacher's expectations while at the same time underscoring your desire to make a good grade on the assignment.  It always helps to build a relationship with the teacher or professor, especially on the collegiate level.

Wiggin42 | Student

Its important to understand assignments so that you can do them correctly. Misunderstandings and confusion will only frustrate you and get you a bad grade. To get a better understanding, talk to your teacher, classmates, and consult the textbook. If all else fails, try the internet. Someone out there probably had the same assignment at some point.

chrisyhsun | Student

It is important to make sure you understand assignment guidelines so as to prevent future frustration and misunderstanding. It could be that the project is in your favorite subject that you always ace. However, if you don't read about what font the paper is supposed to be in, what size the poster is supposed to be, what format you turn your video in, it takes away from your otherwise superior work. Those examples were mostly cosmetic mistakes, but the issue becomes even bigger when you misinterpret the goal of the assignment and complete a work that really isn't even the work specified in the guidelines. Even if teachers are sympathetic, doing this often means you only get minimal credit for the work on which you spent hours. Therefore, make sure that you fully understand the instructions given. This prevents you from getting a headache when you realize this the night before the assignment is due or, perhaps even worse, the day after you turned it in. This also prevents you from having to (somewhat shamefully) approach the teacher after the fact asking for lenience.

zumba96 | Student

If you do not understand assignments that could benefit you, you are just hurting yourself. If you misread an assignment and complete it to find out in the end that you have done it wrong, you waste your time and your energy. Understanding an assignment could help in the tests as well.