Why is it important that leaders learn the proper leadership language?Read the following article and answer the question: http://businessfinancemag.com/article/language-leadership-1001

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According to the article in the link, it is important for leaders to learn the proper language of leadership because speaking the right language allows them to be better leaders.  Leaders who are able to speak the right language at the right time have a major advantage over those who are not able to do so.

Really, this is all about communication.  The article is basically saying that good leaders need to be able to communicate well.  They need to be able to understand what kinds of messages are best for their audience.  The article gives the example of Lee Iacocca asking Congress for a bailout for Chrysler.  It discusses how Iacocca framed his message in such a way that it anticipated what Congress would dislike about the idea of a bailout.  Iacocca’s message then explained away those problems while simultaneously framing the bailout in ways that would be palatable to Congress.  In other words, Iacocca figured out what sorts of messages Congress would respond to and he made sure to include those messages when he spoke to them.

According to this article, leaders need to be able to figure out what sort of leadership language is called for in each situation.  If they can speak the right language, they can get the sorts of results that they are looking for.

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