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Why is it important for soccer players to stretch?

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Soccer is a sport that involves not only speed but also quick reflexes, agility, quick thinking, and the creativity to devise specific body movements.

Without stretching, it is hard to develop and extend all those skills without first preparing the body for 90 minutes of strenuous activity.

If a muscle is cold and unprepared to receive the impact of an object being thrown at it, the chances of severe injuries increase. Everything from hematomas to sprained ankles, strained muscles, and even fractures can occur. Even the sudden increase of heart rate could be a problem.

The exercises which are most recommended for soccer players prior to the game include all three main stretching types: Dynamic, Static, and Ballistic stretching. These are designed precisely to prepare the body for a hard and grueling workout that comes as a natural result of the nature of the sport, and will ensure the safety of the player.


ashishvazhayil | Student

i is calculated that a soccer player at an average cover around 5-6 kms during a match. this prolonged activity tends to lactic acid formation in the body muscles. therefore its necessary for asoccer player to do stretching after activity. he also needs to do proper warm up and stretching before the activity to get the increased mobility and performance of the body muscles during the activity.

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