Why is it important to remain informed in a democracy?

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It is very important to remain informed in a democracy. In our system, we elect leaders to represent us. We must know what the issues are, what the elected officials are doing and saying, and what the candidates for office say they will do if they get elected in order for our democracy to run effectively. If we are uninformed, we may believe information that is inaccurate or only half true. By staying informed, we let our elected officials know that we are monitoring what they are doing, and what they are telling us. If we don’t know all the information and facts about various issues and events, it will be much more difficult to determine when we are being given false or misleading formation. By being informed on the issues, we let our leaders know they will have  to defend themselves if they aren't being honest and factual with us. An informed citizenry is crucial for the success of any democracy.

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