Why is it important to the “Party” for Winston to betray Julia?part 3

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clane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is important for the society that they betray each other because it reinstates their loyalty to Big Brother. Sex and relationships, or rather the lack there of in the Party, is important to its success. The Party dictates marriage and if a couple seems to like one another they are forbidden to marry. Sex is only performed for the purpose of procreation, not pleasure. Women are brainwashed early to think of sex as a disgusting chore. Sexual energy is channeled into Hate. The Party is progressing toward a world that has no marriage or close relationships. The reason for this being that close relationships threaten society members' loyalty to the Party and to Big Brother. This is the reason that Winston and Julia must betray each other. They have professed their love for one another, denounced Big Brother, and committed several acts against the Party. The Party forces them to deny their love and betray each other so that they can be certain that their loyalties only lie with Big Brother and the Party.