Why is important to make and enforce laws?

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Making and enforcing laws are very important in order for any society to thrive and to be successful. Making laws allow a society to establish acceptable codes of behavior. The laws provide a sense of order in the society, and they guide people as to what behaviors and actions are appropriate. Without laws, there would be chaos as people would do whatever they wanted to do. There would be a great deal of disorder within the country.

Enforcing laws is also important. If laws are passed and then not enforced, they would have no meaning. People would realize they could do whatever they wanted to do because there would be no consequences for their actions. Not enforcing laws would create a lawless society where only the strongest would thrive. People would be vulnerable to exploitation and abuse because there would be nothing to prevent those actions from occurring.

We have had to stand up for our rights many times in our history. When countries violated out right to trade, we have gone to war to protect those rights. The War of 1812 and World War I were examples of the times when we acted to protect our rights. We currently are fighting a war on terror because the terrorists are doing whatever they want to do, regardless of what the laws say. Not enforcing laws and not confronting those who break them will lead to a very disorderly society.

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