Human Resource Management

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Why is it important for Human Resource Management to transform from being primarily administrative and operational to becoming a more strategic contributor?

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I think that Human Resource management has to transform to being a more strategic contributor to business success because the demands of the workplace are rapidly changing. 

In any field, it is difficult to see where the particular field is going to be ten years or even five years from now.  The demands of the workplace, the increasing technological drive of the domain, as well as the fluid and dynamic nature of the globalized workforce and work setting are all elements that are rapidly changing what work people do and how they will be assessed in accordance to it. 

Human Resource Management can be a vital asset to help with such changes.  The days of presuming that the skills and ideas that someone has when they enter a particular job are going to not change over the course of their tenure with the organization are fading fast. 

There is change that every individual entering an organization must address.  Human Resource Management can be a part of strategically enhancing individuals' skills as applied to the organization's success.  Consider a definition of Human Resource Management that speaks to this strategic purpose:

Human resource management is responsible for how people are treated in organizations. It is responsible for bringing people into the organization, helping them perform their work, compensating them for their labors, and solving problems that arise" (Cherrington, 1995, p. 5).

Cherrington's definition reveals the importance of Human Resource Management as it must pivot from being more administrative into being a strategic contributor to an organization's success.  In ensuring that the people brought into an organization and the help given to them in performing their work, Human Resource Management can be a more strategic contributor to an organization's success.

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