Why is it important for the “Party” to allow Winston to read the Goldstein book? part 2

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clane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is important that the Party allow Winston to read the book for several different reasons. The first and most obvious reason is to catch him thinking and acting against the Party- to demonstrate with proof his desire to see the Party fall. When Winston and Julia meet O'Brien, O'Brien asks several questions to see what their disloyalty to the Party amounts to and both are willing to die to fight against it. They are willing to die without ever seeing the fruits of their labor too. O'Brien now has vital information that shows how deep their hatred for Big Brother and the Party runs. He puts into their hands the book which will be damning concrete evidence showing their disloyalty. Another reason for giving him the book is to later show Winston that this imaginary revolution is a product of the Party itself. The book was created by loyal Party members and it never told Winston anything he had not already thought of. It told him the how, but not the why. The book was used to show how far-reaching the power and influence of the Party ran. The fact that the whole idea of revolution was a creation of the Party itself was a scary thought, but in the end it showed how there was virtually no escape from Big Brother and the principles of the Party- it was as if there was no choice but to be loyal and to die being loyal.

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