Why is it important for management to demonstrate respect and dignity for all employees?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that it is one of the fundamental cornerstones of management authority and responsibility to make sure that the workplace is one where respect and dignity for all is embedded.  I think any metric can be used and it will be evident that employees work better and contribute more when there is a climate of respect and dignity for all of their contributions.  It does not seem that an employee will be able to give their all when dignity and respect is not universal in the workplace setting.  The lack of dignity and respect in the workplace can result in hostility, tension, and stress in the workplace. Congress' discussion of the healthy workplace bill is something that indicates that the need to cultivate a climate in which respect and dignity is a must for all employees.  Management has to see this as part of their missions of authority and a responsibility to develop at all levels.  I also think that one can find a clear connection between workplace violence and bullying in atmospheres that do not cultivate a sense of respect and dignity for all of its employees.  I think that it is something that management must see as part of its authority mission and its responsibility in the workplace to ensure that all employees are the benefactors of respect and dignity, as it can help to generate better relations between employees as well as between management and its employees when there is respect and dignity.  Employees are more likely to give more towards a more elevated notion of the good when they feel that their voices are validated through dignity and respect.  It is something that is incumbent on management to see as part of their function and responsibility to use whatever means their authority allows them to in order to make this a reality.

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