Why is it important to communicate effectively with others?

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Indubitably, it is of paramount importance to communicate effectively on all levels: political, business, and personal.  Otherwise, the results that are anticipated from the communication may not be produced. Miscommunication in wartime, of course, can have deadly effects.  It is a matter of history that untimely battles have been started because of poor communication. in personal relationships, the employment of certain words that, while having the literal meaning of what a person wishes to communicate, have at times connotations that convey negative meanings and motives which are undesired.

Effective communication is of great importance in the business world. Here is one point regarding communication at the workplace:

Successful management requires downward communication to subordinates, upward communication to superiors, and horizontal communication to peers in other divisions.

Businesses cannot run effectively without complete communication in different departments and among workers.

The writer Joseph Conrad described the human condition as one in which "meaning depends upon sharing." If people cannot communicate effectively, it is difficult, if not impossible, for them to share their intended meanings.  Effective communication, then, can end the alienation and aloneness that people often feel as they, finally, can share their thoughts and find others by whom they can measure the world.

Further, without effective communication, bright ideas die, for they depend upon a strong vocabulary to give them radiance.  If they are expressed in only mundane and pedestrian terms, many who might listen will not be attentive.  On the other hand, a great vocabulary and sentence structure give greater meaning to thoughts.  William Bernback wrote,

An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.

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