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Why is it imperative for teachers to engage parents in social media and P.T.A. meetings when it comes to their child?

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I would argue that it is not imperative for teachers to engage parents in social media and P.T.A. meetings. In fact, I would highly suggest not taking either of these routes when discussing a student with his or her parent/s. There are quite a few reasons behind this stand. 

First, any conversations (written (through email, letters, or social media sites) or verbal (in-person or on the phone)) are considered part of the student's private information. Public forums, such as social media sites and P.T.A. meetings, are not the place to discuss an individual student's educational or behavioral concerns. Since social media sites a made public, it would break the law to discuss a student there. 

P.T.A. is not as popular as it has been in the past. In fact, membership has declined dramatically over the years. That said, P.T.A. was initiated in order to bring parents into schools to help. Any P.T.A. meetings which do take place are not the correct venue to discus individual student and parent concerns. 

I would suggest that teachers should reach out to parents (for not just negative reasons either). These conversations need to take place in person, on the phone, or through a teacher's school email. Engagement is necessary. Parents need to know that teachers are dedicated to each and every student (especially with each parent feeling that the teacher cares for his or her child). That said, social media and P.T.A. is not the time or place for these conversations. 

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