Why is the novel The Hunger Games given that title?

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the novel, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, the title reflects the novel.  Collins has said that the idea for the book came from watching reality television and then watching the Iraq war fighting, and struck by the incongruous juxtaposition, she put the two together to create her novel.  The young people who are to fight to the death in the "Hunger Games" each year are trying to win not only to stay alive as the one winner, but also to win food and gifts for the people of their districts.  The country is in a constant state of hunger which keeps them under control; in contrast, the controlling government of the Capitol has all the food and luxuries it desires.  Amazing to Katniss is the abundance of food in the Capitol when, in her home district, she had to hunt game to keep her family from starving to death.  Therefore, the title indicates the hunger of the country, the hunger to win at the games, and the power of the Capitol to force even children to fight in such a deadly game.

sedbhr | Student

The title Hunger Games as a critique of the course of the media and television, while reminding reality shows like "Survivor" and the vanity and extremity of the demands of audience actually stresses a paradox between the Capitol and the 12 districts. While the districts suffer heavily from poverty and risk their lives in order to get some food, the situation is nothing but a game for Capitol who in contrast enjoy the abundance. Not only tributes but all districts are actually pawns for the sadistic joy of the Capitol. Hunger for the people of district defines a point very close to starvation whereas for the Capitol it signals insatiability and an extreme sense of hedonism.

kaboombangcrash | Student

The story is based in the future, after American had fallen apart. It was split into 12 districts, along with the Capitol. To keep the districts from rebelling against the Capitol, which is how America fell, they hold The Hunger Games every year. 2 tributes from each district are chosen, one male and one female. In the Games, all of the tributes must kill each other, until there is only one remaining. Because the main plot unfolds during the Hunger Games, the title of the story is The Hunger  Games.