Why homosexuals should not be allowed to adopt children in all 50 state?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree with Ponhpei in that these are only points that can be made in an argument and not our personal believes

1. People say that same gender couples might psychologically affect the self esteem and the psychological development of children who naturally tend to gear towards a mother or a father by human instinct.

2. Another argument that people also use is that same-sex couples go against nature, and a child is not in a consensual age to agree to belong to an alternative family, hence, if the child is affected by the same sex relationship, allowing the adoption would have been considered government negligence.

3. One last argument that I've heard people say is that same-sex couples are simply committing a sin, and bringing a child into what anti-gays call "sinful homes" would make us equally guilty and twice as much "sinners" for allowing such a situation happen.

Again, not my believes, just arguments that people have made and can be used for your homework.

besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are numerous children in the Unites States that need stable homes. I see absolutely nothing wrong with homosexual couples adopting children. Homosexual couples have relationships that are just as positive as heterosexual couples do. They can provide an atmosphere of love and understanding. If a homosexual couple wishes to adopt a child then I believe it should be just as easy for them to adopt a child as it is for heterosexual couples. There are strict guidelines that have to be met for anyone wishing to adopt children and those guidelines should be the same for everyone.

Homosexual couples, both men and women, have adopted children and it has been found that they are very capable of raising well adapted, healthy children that fit into society perfectly well.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I assume that you are asking for us to give you arguments for this position, regardless of what we personally believe.

If I were making this argument, I would argue that

  • Growing up around gay people like that would make a child more likely to believe that homosexuality is okay.  I would argue that we do not want kids to feel that way.
  • Relatedly, I would argue that it would make kids more likely to become gay themselves.
  • Finally, I would argue that we do not want children to be given to people who choose to practice an immoral lifestyle.

Again, these are arguments that can be made, and I do not claim to believe them.

puhgs | Student

Christianity verifies that Homosexuals, bisexuals, pansexuals, and anything of the sort is 'bad' and will not be granted the gift of Heaven. However, our country is based on rights, rights to the people. Since when were homosexuals not people? Besides, it has yet to be proven that children will grow up to be gay or anything of the sort if they are raised in such a home. From what I've noticed, half of the people against gay rights, and believe that gays should have 'no rights period', are traumatized mothers that are fearful of their children, or that they are insecure in some way.

dw1994 | Student

and im apostolic/ pentecostal and i do not agree with the religious background if god is against it why did he create people like us knowing what our future will be?

dw1994 | Student

excuse me, i am a homosexual and i would one day like to adopt a child. my mother adopted me and she was straight. i love children and i would raise them to know that there are other options for them. they would not have to think if i had a daughter  oh if i bring my "boyfriend" home they will look bad at him. not its based on who they are. i find those who oppose adoption by the lesbians or gays repulsive in my eyes.

tinashiman | Student

Gays should not have any rights period.

rosered | Student

Well for one thing if they adopt a child, that child would'nt have a good parental roll of a mother. If it where two men, or viseversa. Then they would recruite that child to be like them. Childern are more apt to learn what they see there partents doing. they would'nt have a choice to learn differently, unless they see two people a man and women with childern.

The Bible saids, Train up a child in the way they should go; and when they are old they will not depart from it. So two men or women will train that child to be just like them. Beside that God said this causes confusion.

Now, if that child grows up to be a straight man or women that's fine, that would be great for that child. As an adult he or she would definitely have issues. Childern will learn to be just like them it's a given. Childern of straight parents say I want to be just like you dad, or mom.

Their are childern with a mother and father, who has gone to that side of homosesuality, and say that God made them this way. God does'nt make gays, other wise he would have to repent to Sodom/Gomorrah. I could go into all of this but I think that you get the picture. It should'nt be allowed.

                                    thank you