Why is homelessness a problem?

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There are two main types of reasons why homelessness is a problem.  One set of reasons has to do with the impacts on the homeless themselves.  The other has to do with their impact on society.

Of course, the main reason why homelessness is a problem is because it is harmful to the people who are homeless.  Homeless people are likely to encounter many problems.  They are likely to become the victims of crimes.  They are likely to have health problems.  It is difficult for homeless people to get jobs.  Homeless families are not likely to be able to provide a stable environment in which their children can grow up.  All of these are serious problems for the homeless themselves.

Homelessness also hurts society as a whole.  The homeless, while often victims of crimes, can also commit crimes themselves.  Homeless encampments can be unsanitary and can cause health problems.  Homeless people in downtown areas can drive away potential customers or tourists from those areas. 

Homelessness, then, is a problem for both the homeless and for society as a whole.

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