Why was Ho Chi Minh considered an enemy of America?what did he do that made us hate him

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larrygates eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ho Chi Minh had been one of the early leaders of the Vietnamese Independence movement. He had appeared at the Versaiiles Peace Conference in 1919 and asked for self determination of the people of Indo-China but was ordered thrown out by President Woodrow Wilson. Following World War II, Minh asked for the support of President Harry Truman, but was ignored. Thereafter, he issued the Declaration of Independence of the Peoples Republic of Viet Nam, otherwise known as North Vietnam. When no help was forthcoming from America, Ho, already a disciple of Marxism, accepted aid from the Soviet Union and began a movement to unite North and South Vietnam under Northern control. This was contrary to the expressed U.S. policy to contain communism and not allow it to spread further. U.S. efforts to prevent North Vietnam from taking South Vietnam was a major factor in the Vietnam War. Ho was considered the face of North Viet Nam, and as a result, earned the enmity of many Americans up until his death.

vtsmith00 | Student

Ho Chi Minh was the leader of the communist government in North Vietnam during the Vietnam War years. He quickly gained support by taking land from the wealthy and dividing it up among the peasants.

Ho Chi Minh can be considered an enemy of America for his exercise of communism. Communism was a very frightening idea for Americans during the Cold War. The majority of Americans felt that it was their duty as a democratic society to protect South Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh's communist forces. Ho Chi Minh and North Vietnam also heightened America's fear of the domino theory, the belief that if one nation fell to communism, smaller nations around it would soon turn to communism as well. Hope this helps!