Why is history important to the present even though it deals with the past.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is because history really doesn't just deal with the past.  History is not about what happened in the past.  It is, rather, about why things happened in the past.  And that is something that is really important for us in the present.

For example, one issue in history is "why was the Great Depression so bad?"  Economic historians think that they know why that was.  Therefore, when the financial crisis hit in 2008, they felt that they knew what to do about it to prevent another Depression.  Of course, we can't know for sure if they were right, but at least we didn't get another Great Depression.

History, then, is important to us today because it can teach us lessons.  If we can learn from the mistakes made in the past, we don't have to (as the saying goes) repeat them in the present.

wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I maintain that all history is revisionist history, ans what we are really studying is how the minds of the present distort the past for their own ends.

wildwiss | Student

through the ages and troughout history we witnessed massive wars. But in all our history we never witnessed such stress, hatred, power and struggle for arms and resources.

Our resources on earth have became scarce, and we are looking upon harsh days in terms of natural resources, food, and water. and all that is due to the fact that as a human species we are rapedly and hugely multiplying. Famin is raveging nearly 40% of the world population and demand on natural resources such as oil, metal, and others is increasing way faster then expected.

Some countries as the USA and European contries are facing the moste terrible depression of history, and there only option to get out of that mess is WAR. Up to now no one knew why the USA and NATO declared a war on Iraq. they did so proclaiming that they are fighting terrorism and bringing democracy and defending there own countries from such beast. but in fact the Iraq was not funding any terorrist mouvement (at least not one that is against USA) and did not have the ability to do so since they were strictly puting the country under supervision and they were forcing it to deliver oil for food. No one ever said that Saddam Husain was a Saint, But at laest in his life time as a president he knew how to maintain order and peace in his country with the different ethnicity that the Iraq had. And I mean "HAD". Today the Iraq after the forced Democracy of the US and it s allies have lost this diferent ethnicity that it ounce had and lost it s peace with it. When the american troops entered the Christain Comunity thought that the savior arrived and that there problems were gone with that BIG BROTHER that would cover there backs. Well .... from the 6 million Christians in the Iraq, today 200 thousands remain (thank you Big Brother, and thank you for your Democracy). So you started thinking, offcourse they did it for oil, well the Iraq is the third largest oil extractor in the world, but the answer is NO. they did it for war. In todays Economy the only thing that is keeping America on it s feet is the arms deals and the arms bought by the americain military. The Usa is on the virge of total deterioration, people in the US are spending what they dont have, buying what they dont own, it only a mater of time before the united states of america becomes each state of america for its own

jyotsnajoy21 | Student

History is important as it tells us how to deal with the future if the same problem occurred. The past always reflects on the future and to stop the same thing happening again is the rise above the challenge. Even though there are wars going on now a days but we deal with with it better and more sophisticated than before so if we didn't deal with it properly we would be having world war 3 now.

i hope this helps.