Why is The Hiding Place called The Hiding Place?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my opinion, the book has this title because the "hiding place" that the ten Boom family provides is the main reason for the book being written.

The book describes the ways in which the ten Boom family reacted to the Holocaust.  It talks about what they did to hide Jews from the Nazis (thus the title) and it talks about what sorts of persecution they suffered when they were caught.

The title also refers to a line from Psalm 119, talking about God as a person's hiding place from the evils of the world.  This makes sense because the book is also about the ten Boom family's faith and how it was challenged and strengthened by their ordeal.

mkcapen1 | Student

The book The Hiding Place is called the hiding place because during World War II Corrie TenBoom and her father and sister hid Jewish people in their clock shop.  They were a deeply spiritual Dutch family.  Initially they had helped Jews contact the underground who helped them to hide and escape.  However the underground was running out of places to hide the many Jews that needed help.  When the sisters went to them with a set of Jewish people who needed to be hidden, they were told that they would have to hide them because there was no place else for them to hide.

The Jewish people were hidden in their residence and clock shop.  Someone must have turned them in because they were exposed and all of them were arrested.  They were sent to work camps where Betsy, one of the sisters and her father died.  The hiding place has a duel meaning because Betsy who was very faithful helped Corrie to hide within their faith when things got very bad. 

Corrie was the only survivor.