Why is "Herzog" written in third person? Would it be more authentic if it were written in the first person?

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Saul Bellow wrote in 3rd person frequently. At Saulbellow.org there is a lengthy essay that explains quite a bit about the man and his times:

      "Those novels and short stories which use third-person omniscient point-of-view, also report the interior thoughts and emotions of a principal male protagonist, whose inner dialogue functions much the same way as the first-person monologues. Furthermore, the novels usually construct an implied male reader, or narratee. This narrative construction, which automatically focuses the reader on masculine dilemmas and sensibility, nearly always eclipses the female voice, and ultimately creates within itself the narrative conditions of a misogynous collusion of men against women. Invariably women readers find themselves having to identify with the male protagonists, who assume a male audience, and collude with them in the condemnation of the women characters. Failing this, they must remain outside the text, alienated from this colony of embattled men.