Why help the Basques?

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Not everyone would agree that the Basques need to be helped.  If you believe that they should be, the reason to help them would be because it is important for every ethnic group to have its own state.

At the end of World War I, one of the things that President Woodrow Wilson pushed for was “self-determination.”  What this meant was that all ethnic groups should be able to rule themselves.  There should not be any governments such as that of Austria-Hungary in which one ethnic group ruled over another. 

If you agree with this idea, then it is important to help the Basques.  The Basques are an ethnic group that does not have its own state.  The Basques live in parts of Spain and France, but do not have their own state.  They have wanted to have their own state and have fought to accomplish that goal.  However, they have yet to accomplish it.

If you believe that people of every ethnic group should have their own state and should not be ruled by others, then there is a good reason to help the Basques to gain their own homeland or, at least, greater autonomy within Spain and France.

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