I Want to Know Why Questions and Answers
by Sherwood Anderson

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How does the discovery of Jerry Tillford at the "rummy farmhouse" conflict with the moment of perception at the paddock?

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When the boy describes watching Jerry throughout the race and starting to understand what had transpired between Jerry and the horse, the admiration and love he feels for him as is powerful and innocent and true as the feelings he has for the horses when he describes them as clean and honest and full of spunk.  He realizes that Jerry taught Sunstreak from the time he was a colt and how much he had given to the horse and how well everything had turned out.

When he sees that same Jerry Tillford at the "rummy house," drunk and acting low and mean after such a beautiful moment at the track, the juxtaposition fills him with rage.  How could a man be a part of something so true and clean and honest and then turn around and become something so disgusting and low on the same day?  The two moments of perception and realization are almost completely opposed, the one fills him with love the other with hate, albeit for the same person.

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