Why does Hazel get her brother Raymond to walk "on the inside"?

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Hazel's older brother, Raymond, is mentally disabled, and she acts as his guardian and caretaker when they leave their home to exercise throughout her neighborhood. Hazel is also an experienced runner who constantly practices her running technique so that she can win first place at the May Day races. While Hazel is walking down Broadway to practice her breathing exercises, she makes sure that Raymond stays to her inside and walks close to the buildings. Hazel mentions that she requires Raymond to walk on the inside of her, away from the street, because he is subject to fits of fantasy and begins to pretend that the curb is a tightrope. On rainy days, Raymond pretends to jump off the tightrope and land in large puddles. Hazel also mentions that Raymond has run out into traffic to scare away the pigeons standing on the island in the middle of Broadway. Essentially, Hazel makes sure Raymond stays on her inside to prevent him from falling off the curb, jumping into puddles, and dashing out into the dangerous traffic, where he risks being hit by a car.

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