Why is the Hawaiian revolution important in U.S. History?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Hawaiian Revolution is important in United States history. This revolution opened the door for the United States to get control over Hawaii. When the Hawaiian economy declined in the 1890s, the Queen tried to increase her power in Hawaii. Many of the planters opposed this and revolted against her rule. With the support of the United States, she was removed from power.

When the Spanish-American War occurred, we used the naval base at Pearl Harbor. This naval base was very strategic to any military operations we would conduct in the Pacific Ocean. As a result, when McKinley became President, we annexed Hawaii as a territory. This allowed us to continue to use Hawaii as a naval base, which was critical in World War II. In 1959, Hawaii became the last state to become a part of the United States. The Hawaiian Revolution was the first step to all of these events occurring.