Why Hawaii should not legalize gambling (all forms of gambling)?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As one of only two states to not feature any form of legalized gambling, the question has some powerful implications.  One reason why gambling could be viewed with skepticism is that there is a current lull in gambling initiatives across the nation.  In referendums across the country, voters have not supported legalized gambling on a wide level.  Some attribute this to a general malaise regarding gambling, citing drops in revenue and activity in both off track betting and lottery participation.  Additionally, some suggest that there is little to indicate that Hawaii, itself, has much in its own regional character to embrace gambling as a legal form of revenue in the state.  Along these lines, those who suggest that gambling would generate more revenue frequently inflate their projections to make it more attractive to legislators and voters.  The reality is that many individuals are leery of gambling proposals because of the dependence that might result out of it.  These considerations have to be taken into account before Hawaii embraces gambling initiatives.