Why have so many histories of interwar society and culture used The Waste Land as emblematic?interwar relates to British Society between the First and Second world wars.

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

“The Wasteland” is often used in works on interwar Britain because it is thought to express many of the major themes of literary modernism as they respond to the artistic and cultural problematics of the period. Unlike the nostalgic poems of the Georgian school, “The Wasteland” deals with the fracturing of society as the traditional sources of authority, knowledge, and social cohesion were weakened. It portrays the decline of the monarchy (as signified by the impotency of the fisher king), the fragmentation of knowledge with the decline of traditional Arnoldian culture and its replacement with a montage of the popular, exotic, and recondite, and the failure of the individual sensibility to find a centre that can hold, as it were.