Why have immigrant groups usually adopted the language of their new home?

bohemianteacher4u | Student

Transitioning to a place that is culturally different from one's home is difficult. Many immigrants find it necessary to adopt the language of their new home. The ability to communicate with others is important and can help to shape one's life in a new place.

Adopting the new language opens opportunities for establishing relationships with local people. Local people provide one with the ability to learn information about one's surrounding and enable a person to interact socially.

Finding a position of employment is considerably harder when one does not know the native language. Although some companies may employ bilingual or multilingual people, the company still needs the worker to understand directions and information that is imperative to the company's function.

By adopting the new language a person has a better chance of assimilating into society. Assimilation does not mean giving up one's culture and customs, but becoming more acclimated to the new country and understanding and engaging in the social mores of the country--fitting in.

Some people desire to achieve goals that require education. If a person wants to access education in the new country, the person needs to understand what the educators are saying and to respond to the information.

Living in a country and not having the ability to communicate with others can lead to social isolation and loneliness. It can also be very frustrating not to understand directions or information posted on signs. Therefore, many immigrants choose to adopt the language of their new home.

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