Why hasn't anyone asked any questions about this story?"i ain't got nothin' to say"

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This is such an interesting story, I am amazed you "ain't got nothin' to say".  It is easier to focus on one or two things in a story than to address a blanket statement such as the one you have made.

There is a definite gender role issue going on here--the roles of women vs. men and the promises we make and keep or fail to keep.  This is huge--it is still a very prevalent problem in our society as illustrated by the publication of books like the MARS AND VENUS series among others.

There is also the wedding to consider and the fact that Nan doesn't want to be embarrassed by having the best day of her life take place in a small, shabby kitchen of a home much smaller than two barns on the property.  The animals seem to be treated better than the human inhabitants on this farm which angers all the women.

There are many interesting facets of study hidden within the framework here.  If you think of a specific question, it will be easier to focus on what you want to know more about or what is confusing you when you read it.  You might check out the link below and read the summary, critical analysis, or other sections to help you formulate your questions.

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