Diversity in the Workplace

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Why has workforce diversity become an important issue in management?

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Diversity and inclusion in the workforce have become much more prominent areas of discussion in recent years. Prior to roughly the 1980s, the majority of the US workforce, especially the salaried US workforce was white and male. Several decades after women's suffrage and well over a hundred years after the end of slavery, there was still a great deal of prejudice in hiring. Because of this, it has become a point of emphasis to ensure that diverse individuals from a wide range of backgrounds are included in business organizations. In many organizations, there are quotas and requirements that individuals of different races and genders be hired to ensure a varied background. This also serves an additional benefit in that the organization can better analyze customer and client bases when they come from diverse groups.

Diversity in the workplace includes both an organization's efforts to hire and retain a more diverse workforce and the recognition of existing diversity of every kind among...

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