Why has Reverend Parris sent for a doctor as the play begins?

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Reverend Parris's daughter, Betty, will not wake up. He sends for the doctor because he wants to find out what's wrong with her; he is hoping she is just ill. He also sends for Reverend Hale because the community is talking of witchcraft, and he wants to disprove it. Ironically, the arrival of Hale begins the witch hunt in earnest.

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Reverend Paris has sent for a doctor as the play begins because, his 10 year old daughter Betty will not wake up. She is in a paralyzed state almost to speak and it is from the night before when Mercy Lewis, Susanna Walcott, and Mary Warren and Abigail Williams were with Betty in the woods the night before and they were casting spells and throwing charms and flying they were also drinking blood and dancing naked in the woods when Betty Paris's father caught them. they were startled that they were frightened and they all are denieng the fact that Betty is gravely ill after the night she had before but they don't want to blame it on the witchcraft because her father Reverend Paris's doesn't want her reputation to be ruined and that would be horrible for him and his family.

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Rev. Parris sends for a doctor b/c his daughter Betty is ill and will not wake up.  Rev. Parris believes that it is she is ill but still the thought of witchcraft crosses his mind.  Rev. Parris will not believe what the doc says because he can't believe his daughter would be involved in such acts.

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