Why has the population in asia grown so much over the past 25 years?

Expert Answers
farouk23 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many reasons for the population increase in Asia and many factors that have come into play. Some of the major dynamics that have influenced the population boom have been: 

  1. The Green Revolution – This brought major improvements in agricultural techniques and practices to countries like India, China and Indonesia that allowed these countries to dramatically increase their food production therefore eliminating mass famine.
  2. Reduction in major conflict – Major conflicts that resulted in mass death and starvation have been greatly reduced or eliminated.
  3. Increased life spans – The advances in technology, health care and increase in relative prosperity have resulted in people living longer.
  4. Increased birth-rates – The advances in technology and health care have also resulted in more babies’ surviving infancy and less deaths from childbirth.