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Petruchio comes to Padua mainly to find a rich and wealthy wife.

Petruchio is characterized as a greedy person who deals with marriage just like a transaction. He only wants to marry Kate Minola of the large dowry that he will receive. Furthermore, he treats marriage as a mere way for power domination, as exemplified whenever he marries Kate and then refuses to let her attend her own marriage banquet. I feel that he behaves in this manner to tame the shrew, Kate, in order to eventually have a happy marriage.

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      Petruchio is in search of a wife.  He decides to visit his friend named Hortensio.  He brings along his servant.  However, Petruchio has plans that include finding a wealthy wife so that his own assets will be increased since the passing of his father.  Hortensio is in love with the younger sister, Bianca, of a wealthy man. Hortensio devises a plan to arrange a meeting between Petruchio and Bianca’s older sister.  The younger sister may not marry until the older sister weds. The eldest daughter, Katherine, is an intense woman who has driven every tutor away by her vile behavior. The situation has left Bianca and Hortensio fearful that they will grow old before they can marry because they do not believe that Katherine will marry or that anyone will want her. However, Hortensio identifies Petruchio's need for additional money so the scheme is hatched. Hortensio does his friend one favor by explaining the way Katherine behaves. Petruchio has traveled to Padua to find himself a wife with a sizable dowry, and he does not let Katherine’s shrewish behavior thwart his plan to marry for money. The situation between the potential man and wife is initially as explosive as one would expect with Katherine demonstrating her worst behavior. He is determined to marry the woman despite her behavior. His personality is a strong one as well, and he sees in Katherine a worthy challenge, which further excites him in his quest to marry her. What is not initially realized is that Katherine deplores the way men treat women and behave towards her. Her tongue lashings are her means of self-protection.

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