Why has the growth of big business been good for the United States, and why may it not have been good for the United States?

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Big business has brought many positives and negatives to the United States over time. On the positive side, an increase in business has meant an increase in competition as well. In a capitalist system, competition drives innovation. Because of this, we have been able to enjoy many of the products and technological advances we own today. Employment is an inevitable increase as well. Big business tends to operate in a satellite type of structure, with many stores located at different areas in the country.

Big business has impacted the US negatively as well. For instance, as businesses become extremely large, they inevitably become involved in politics. Wealthy businesses are able to lobby the government for decisions and policies that lean in their favor. This can often create many problems for those not benefiting from such a service. Also, with an increase in big business comes environmental degradation. For instance, in West Virginia, coal mining became a staple of the state's economy and a billion-dollar industry. Along with it, however, came several manmade disasters such as the Buffalo Creek Flood and the Sago Mine. This is a small example of one area of big business that can negatively impact the country.

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The growth of big business had both positive and negative impacts on the United States. As businesses grew, the American economy expanded. Jobs were created, and trade with other countries increased. New products and new forms of transportation developed. The steam engine helped move both people and products more quickly from place to place. Communication improved with the invention of the telegraph and the telephone. New machines, such as the reaper and the thresher, allowed farmers to do their work more efficiently. The spinning jenny made it easier to make clothes. Products like the vacuum cleaner, iron, and refrigerator made life easier for many Americans. All of these developments helped the economy grow and helped businesses expand their influence.

There were some negatives associated with the growth of big business. Big businesses often exploited the workforce. Pay was low, and working conditions were bad. Some businesses used children to make their products. In some cases, big business leaders like Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller became very powerful as they took control over the steel and oil industries, respectively. Competition decreased in these industries, and workers were powerless to deal individually with the poor working conditions they faced. The expansion of businesses to the West coincided with the displacement of the Native Americans. As Americans and businesses moved to the West, the Native Americans were again forced to relocate and had their way of life disrupted. The growth of businesses and the development of factories also led to increased pollution and the exploitation of natural resources.

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