In A Doll's House, why has Christine paid the Helmer family a visit?

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In Act One of A Doll's House, Christine Linde pays the Helmer family a visit. Christine has become a widow. She lost her mother in death as well. She has no one to take care of her. She decides to move back to the town she once lived in. Christine visits the Helmer family in hopes of getting a job.

Christine patiently waits for the right time to tell Nora that she has high hopes that Torvald will get her a job in the bank. After Nora goes on and on about her good fortune, explaining how Torvald has become the bank manager, Christine admits that Nora's good news had caused Christine to be more happy for herself than for Nora. Christine desperately needs a job, and now Torvald is in the position to offer her a job.

Indeed, in Act One, Mrs. Linde, also known as Christine, admits to Nora that when she heard the news about Torvald getting the job at the bank, she was happy more for herself than Nora:

When you told me of the happy turn your fortunes have taken—you will hardly believe it—I was delighted not so much on your account as on my own.

No doubt, Christine truly needs a job. She is all alone and has to take care of herself. Her husband died, leaving her nothing. Christine has visited the Helmer family out of desperation for a job.  

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