Why did Hamlet delay his uncle's murder?

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Hamlet does seem to procrastinate in accomplishing the assassination he is pledged to perform. He himself wonders why, wonders what is wrong with him in his soliloquy in Act II, Scene 2.

It is the arrival of the players and the speech about the fall of Troy that prompts Hamlet to berate himself for not being able to get mad enough to kill Claudius directly. But the arrival of the players also gives him the idea of putting on the play that will test Claudius to see whether he is in fact guilty of murdering Hamlet's father or whether the ghost was really the devil in disguise tempting Hamlet to commit a mortal sin.

Throughout the play it is circumstances that prevent Hamlet from acting and also motivate him to act. After being convinced of Claudius' guilt by his reaction to the play called "The Murder of Gonzago," Hamlet is at last determined to kill the guilty king. But he kills Polonius by accident and is sent off forthwith to England. On the voyage he gets further proof of Claudius' villainy. The king has...

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